What do moms really want for Christmas? Gift ideas, traditions, and more!

It’s Christmas Eve! If you are still needing that one special gift for the mom in your life, or if you just want to get some ideas for next time you want to treat mom to something special, read on!

What is one gift that costs no money that you would love to get right now? 

Top answer:

Time alone or free time followed closely by a clean house.

In order of most responses:

1. Time alone/free time

2. Clean house

3. Time/Relationship – visit, phone call, good relationship with children, go to church together, love, respect, understanding

4. Handwritten letter or note

5. Handmade art by children

6. Clean vehicle

What is one gift under $10 you would love to get right now?

Top answer:

Beauty and personal care products (lotion, makeup, socks, bubble bath, etc.)

In order of most responses:

1. Beauty and personal care products (lotion, makeup, socks, bubble bath, etc.)

2. Gift card (examples given: Amazon, Starbucks or any coffee, Chick-fil-A)

3. Coffee from a coffee shop

4. Candle

Other ideas: cocktails, décor, dish towels, salt rock lamp, framed art by kids, pens, family photo as bookmark, movie, thoughtfully selected greeted card, crossword puzzle book, take out, lunch out with kids, hobby magazine (gardening, crafts, cooking, etc)

Regardless of expense what is one gift you really *need* right now? 

Top answer:

Home organizer or house cleaner

In order of most responses:

1. Home organizer or house cleaner

2. Other home needs: new roof, help with groceries, new appliances, new furniture, money for bills, my own home or bigger home

3. Clothing – winter coat, shoes, and clothes in general

4. Personal care – massage, spa day, skin care regimen, pedicure

5. Electronics – new computer, new phone

Other needs: new vehicle, medicine, vacation with family, overnight in hotel alone, visit from adult children, school tuition

Thinking back on gifts you have gotten over the years, what is one that stands out as most meaningful, most needed, or otherwise most appreciated at that time in your life? 

Ideas compiled from answers, in no particular order:

  • Vacation
  • Pens and stationary
  • Well thought out and planned date night (with no need for decisions to be made!)
  • Personalized jewelry with children’s birthdays, birthstones, etc.
  • Kitchen appliances and gadgets
  • Shoes
  • Music box
  • Passed down family items (cookbooks)
  • Canvas or framed photos of family, kids or grandkids
  • Personalized shadow box
  • Handmade wooden chest
  • Handmade gifts and art from children
  • Massage or spa gift card
  • Experiences
  • Mental health vacation
  • Custom wine glasses
  • Large box of diapers
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Gifts from children they picked out with their own money

What is a gifting tradition you have that you love, or one that you would love to start? 

Ideas compiled from answers, in no particular order:

  • Opening one gift at a time
  • Special gifts on Christmas Eve – movie, popcorn, pajamas, small goodies for Christmas Eve, or just opening one gift on Christmas Eve
  • Special meal on Christmas Eve or Christmas
  • Making treats and bringing to neighbors, etc.
  • Making blessing bags
  • Exchanging handmade gifts
  • Getting gifts for a child in need
  • Matching family pajamas
  • Christmas ornament exchange
  • Games on Christmas or Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Eve or Christmas church service
  • Christmas gifts for children only
  • Photo calendars


Emerge –

To become manifest. To become known. To arise. To come into view.

Years ago when I named my event planning business “Emerge Events”, it didn’t have any great meeting. It was years later when I figured out how powerful this word can be.

How do I want to emerge from a particular situation?

How do I want my attendees to emerge from that event?

How do I want my children to emerge from under my wing and go out on their own into the world?

How do I want to emerge from each day?

How do I want to emerge from life?

It’s kind of like beginning with the end in mind. But life just gets so busy, or anxiety and other things get in the way. But I encourage fellow moms to join me in using this word as we go about our day and our lives.

How will you emerge?